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Entrepreneurship in Clusters

The geographical concentration of business activities combined with the belonging to the same community allow entrepreneurs to amortize production and commercialization costs. Acquiring and sharing new knowledge benefits the growth and resilience of business. This training module will focus on the practical aspects of creating and managing clusters to ensure their success.

Digital Skills

These are skills needed to use digital devices and communication applications from basic online searching and emailing to specialist programming. These skills help people communicate and collaborate, develop, and share digital content, and problem solve in a work-anywhere world. This module will ensure a uniform acquisition of these skills for better business outcomes

Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs

Digital skills are a core part of an entrepreneur’s toolkit, whether they are managing a big business or freelancing from home. Some of the top digital skills entrepreneurs need to succeed today are cybersecurity, digital marketing and social media, and cloud computing to enable managing the business from anywhere. This module will empower entrepreneurs to become technical savvy.

Book of

The Book of Business is a compilation of the best and most transferable business practices that can inspire further development of micro businesses in the Nordic Region. The training sessions and results of the piloting activities will be documented and translated into the partners languages: Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian for a greater dissemination.