Co-in-Co Project

The winds of change are sweeping across the Nordic region as Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania join forces in a visionary project, NPAD-2021/10064, aptly named “Cooperation in Competition.” With a diverse mix of NGOs, universities, VET providers, municipalities, and small businesses at its helm, this partnership is poised to empower micro-businesses in their pursuit of post-COVID recovery and resilience. The echoes of their collaborative endeavors promise to resonate across industries and levels of society.

Origins and Motivation

In the mosaic of the Nordic-Baltic rural landscape, micro-businesses play a pivotal role, contributing to around 75% of local employment. However, the pandemic’s aftermath dealt a harsh blow to sectors such as tourism, agriculture, transportation, and retail. The limitations of digital access further deepened the divide between urban and rural regions. Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, the Co-in-Co project emerged.

Danish partner: We Are Entrepreneurs

Among the architects of this transformative endeavor is “We Are Entrepreneurs” (WAE), a Danish entity devoted to promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship, especially amongst expatriates. WAE’s commitment to inclusive education centers around problem-solving, financial literacy, and cultivating a service-oriented mindset. Their expertise ranges from innovation processes and design thinking to business development and community building.

Icelandic partner: Step by Step

Iceland’s “Step by Step” is a trailblazing training company known for introducing innovative teaching methods in adult education and entrepreneurship. Their prowess in structuring research and collaborating with diverse companies amplifies their role in this venture. Facilitating partners’ discussions, overcoming obstacles, and fostering productive collaboration are their cornerstones.

Norwegian partner: Prios Kompetanse AS

Prios Kompetanse AS navigates through various sectors including project management, innovation processes, training, and software development. Their expertise encompasses formal and non-formal education, vocational training, digital skills, and software development. They are the architects of tailored solutions and the innovative Follow-Up® concept.

Greenland’s partner: Avannaata Kommunia

The municipality of north Greenland, Avannaata Kommunia, represents the region’s distinctive rural and remote business structures. With a unique geographic and infrastructural context, Avannaata Kommunia’s experience enriches the project’s understanding of rural challenges and opportunities.

Latvia’s partner: RISEBA University of Applied Sciences

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences takes the lead in Latvia, nurturing professionals in fields such as e-commerce, website design, and e-business management. Their commitment to fostering business acumen, creativity, and strategic thinking promises to empower the next generation of web business professionals.

Estonian partner: Eesti People to People

Eesti People to People, an Estonian NGO, boasts a wealth of experience in adult education, media literacy, digital education, gender, inclusion, and global education. With an extensive network and a repertoire of successful projects, they contribute valuable insights to Co-in-Co.


Lithuania’s VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI is a non-governmental organization dedicated to non-formal education. With a versatile approach, they empower a wide spectrum of individuals, from professionals to vulnerable groups. Their contributions to Co-in-Co promise to enrich the project’s impact.

A Vision United

The Co-in-Co project transcends geographical boundaries, proving that when Nordic minds collaborate, transformative change is inevitable. The expertise and dedication of these partners, spanning diverse sectors and regions, promise to reshape the future of micro-businesses, fostering resilience and charting a course toward sustainable growth. As this collective journey unfolds, it epitomizes the power of unity and innovation in a rapidly changing world.