Co-in-Co Project


In a vibrant tapestry of cross-border collaboration, the Co-in-Co project recently culminated in a transformative seminar hosted by RISEBA University of Applied Sciences in Riga from September 27th to 29th. This event marked the second and final instalment of the seminar series, infusing participants with knowledge, practical exercises, networking, and cultural immersion. As the curtains drew close on this eventful gathering, the legacy of Co-in-Co shines even brighter, fostering resilience and growth for micro-businesses across the Nordic region.

A Diverse Assembly

The seminar’s stage was adorned with representatives hailing from the partner organizations that spanned across Denmark, Latvia, Greenland, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, and Iceland. Among them were We Are Entrepreneurs from Denmark (Project Coordinator), RISEBA University from Latvia (Seminar host), Avannaata Municipality from Greenland, Edukaciniai Projektai from Lithuania, People To People from Estonia, Prios Kompetanse from Norway, and Skref Fyrir Skref from Iceland. This melting pot of expertise and ambition set the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

Seminar Agenda: A Kaleidoscope of Learning

RISEBA’s representatives, Ričards Švītiņš and Ivita Faitusa, meticulously crafted an agenda that married administrative proceedings with practical exercises, module presentations, networking, and cultural exploration. This symphony of activities aimed to enrich the participants’ experiences and maximize the seminar’s impact.

Modules for Transformation

The seminar’s core focused on transformative modules, “Basic Digital Skills” and “Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs.” Esteemed presenters Ona Astrauskienė from Edukaciniai Projektai, Ričards Švītiņš from RISEBA University, and Tommy Muledal along with Lovisa Ulfarsdottir from Prios Kompetanse, delved into critical topics such as media literacy, social media strategies, data protection, e-commerce, digital project management, and more. These enlightening sessions sparked thought-provoking dialogues that illuminated new avenues of thought and innovation.

Cultural Immersion and Exploration

Beyond the seminar halls, the participants embarked on a journey of cultural immersion. Excursions to neighbouring towns, encounters with local businesses, and a glimpse into Latvia’s rich heritage enriched the experience. Visits to vibrant locations like Jelgava Municipality, Sigulda, and the Baldones region unveiled tales of entrepreneurship, historical landmarks, and the mesmerizing Baldones Radioastrophysical Observatory.

Guest Speakers: Fuelling Inspiration

The seminar welcomed guest speakers who added new dimensions to the discourse. Viktorija Martinsone from unveiled the benefits of start-up associations and how they nurture their members, while Veronika Šaporenko from the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry shed light on their role in supporting entrepreneurs’ market entry and partnerships.

A Symphony of Learning and Connection

As the seminar’s final curtain descended, it left behind a legacy of learning, collaboration, and inspiration. The Co-in-Co project’s chapters continue to unfold, with the training material development nearing completion and the pilot programs on the horizon. The participants carry forward a reservoir of knowledge, networks, and experiences that will undoubtedly shape the future of micro-businesses across the Nordic realm. The spirit of Co-in-Co, marked by unity and growth, will propel these ventures into a promising and prosperous tomorrow.