Co-in-Co Project

Empowering Growth: Co-in-Co Seminar Unveils Collaboration and Learning

In a vibrant tapestry of cross-border collaboration, the Co-in-Co project recently culminated in a transformative seminar hosted by RISEBA University of Applied Sciences in Riga from September 27th to 29th. This event marked the second and final instalment of the seminar series, infusing participants with knowledge, practical exercises, networking, and cultural immersion. As the curtains […]

The workshop in Iceland, June 13th-16th 2022

The Icelandic meeting took place in Suðurnesbær in the middle of June. It was the first of two f2f meetings in this 2.5 years project. The main goal of this meeting was to build up trust and working relationships among the partners. Then, to give a brief description of Cluster work and explain how the […]