Co-in-Co Project

Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Riseba University’s Insightful Training Session on Cooperation in Competition

On June 30, 2023, Riseba University hosted a training session where students were granted a glimpse into the innovative “Cooperation in Competition” project. This initiative, which started in 2021, boasts a consortium of seven partners spanning across Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.

The training session served as a platform for delving into crucial topics essential for entrepreneurs and those who are planning to start this path. From exploring the nuances of cluster work to unraveling the significance of digital skills, the event provided a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business practices.

One of the focal points of the session was cluster work—a concept that has emerged as a vital tool for driving business development in today’s competitive environment. Students were introduced to various types of clusters and elucidated on the manifold benefits they offer to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through real-world examples and best practices, attendees gained insights into how participation in clusters can catalyze innovation, enhance sector expertise, and foster collaborative growth.

Moreover, the session shed light on the transformative potential of digital skills in both personal and entrepreneurial realms. Topics such as data protection, leveraging digital tools to streamline workflows, harnessing social media for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) interactions, and the creation of e-commerce platforms were meticulously explored. Armed with this knowledge, students are poised to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, equipped to harness its vast opportunities.

Reflecting on their experience, students articulated their appreciation for the invaluable insights garnered during the session. One student remarked, “We were introduced to the concept of clusters, which has become an essential tool for modern business development. In addition, we explored the benefits of the ‘Cooperation in Competition’ project, delving deeper into the meaning of clusters in modern business. This collective approach fosters innovation, improves sector expertise, and ultimately leads to mutual growth and success.”

The significance of initiatives like the “Cooperation in Competition” project cannot be overstated. By fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders across borders, industries, and disciplines, such projects pave the way for a more interconnected and resilient business ecosystem. Riseba University’s commitment to equipping its students with practical knowledge and skills underscores its dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

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