Co-in-Co Project


In the enchanting town of Ilulissat, nestled within the pristine landscapes of Greenland, a groundbreaking initiative has been quietly transforming the local tourism industry. By fostering a spirit of cooperation among seemingly competing businesses, Ilulissat’s business administration hosted an illuminating course, titled “Cooperation as Competitors.” This Nordplus project, known as Co-In-Co, has not only redefined business paradigms but also become a beacon of inspiration for companies across the Nordic and Baltic regions. Let’s dive into the details of this transformative endeavor.

A Fusion of Concepts: Collaboration and Competition

By the dawn of February, five local tourism companies were brought together by a shared pursuit of growth. The course offered by Ilulissat’s business administration was unlike any other – it highlighted the potential synergy between cooperation and competition. With a comprehensive curriculum that covered crucial topics, including cluster collaboration, Book of Business (BoB), risk comprehension, and digital empowerment, participants embarked on a journey that would forever change their perspectives.

Unveiling the Power of Cooperation

For the participants, the course proved to be a revelation. As they delved deeper into the intricacies of collaboration, a world of untapped possibilities opened up. The program’s emphasis on meticulous planning and collective action showcased the remarkable outcomes achievable when competitors become collaborators. It was a paradigm shift that left a lasting impression, illustrating how shared goals and strategies can lead to superior results.

One participant expressed, “This experience has been an eye-opener. We’ve discovered that our collective potential far outweighs the limitations of individual competition. Through effective cooperation, we can achieve greatness beyond our imagination.”

Nordplus: Bridging Nations for Success

The Co-In-Co initiative was not confined to Ilulissat’s shores alone. With a collaborative spirit that transcended borders, the project extended its reach to other Nordic and Baltic countries. Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia also witnessed the transformational power of the course. The primary objective was to equip local businesses in remote areas with the skills necessary to thrive in competitive markets.

A Curriculum Tailored to Excellence

The piloting program, spanning four enlightening half-days, was meticulously designed to address the unique context of Greenland. Team-building activities kicked off each day, underscoring the significance of diversified roles within a team. Building snowmen might seem whimsical, but it served as an apt analogy for the harmonious coordination required in a team.

Over the next two days, participants delved into the heart of the matter. They explored concepts such as the Book of Business, Cluster Work, and essential digital proficiencies, including online marketing. The curriculum was a perfect blend of theoretical insights and practical applications, enabling attendees to directly implement their newfound knowledge.

The Journey Continues: From Learning to Application

The course’s impact didn’t end with its conclusion. A video testimony from one of the participants echoes the sentiments of many. The skills gained during the program catalyzed change, propelling local businesses toward growth and innovation. The bond forged between the trainer and the participants persists, evolving into an ongoing partnership that nurtures the application of learned skills.


Ilulissat’s venture into merging cooperation with competition stands as a testament to the potential of collaboration-driven growth. The Co-In-Co initiative has not only rewritten the rulebook for businesses in Ilulissat but has also radiated its influence across borders. As the journey continues, the story of Ilulissat reminds us that even in the world of business, the power of unity can usher in a new era of success.

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