Co-in-Co Project

Empowering Small Businesses: A Glimpse into our Training Days

In the picturesque town of Šiauliai, Lithuania, on May 4th and 5th, 2023, a transformative gathering unfolded. Over two enriching days, we embarked on a journey of learning and empowerment with a remarkable group of small business owners. Exploring the Digital Landscape Our focus during these days was on the digital realm and its nuances. […]

Preserving History and Cultivating Collaboration: The Inspiring Journey of Käru Museum

Nestled in the quaint village of Käru, Estonia, lies a treasure trove of history that transcends time. The Käru Museum, known for its extraordinary collection of over 200 historic strollers, isn’t just a repository of artifacts; it’s a testament to the dedication and passion of its founders, Alena Surzikova and Sergei Trofimov. This is a […]

Uniting for Success: Ilulissat’s Innovative Tourism Collaboration

Introduction In the enchanting town of Ilulissat, nestled within the pristine landscapes of Greenland, a groundbreaking initiative has been quietly transforming the local tourism industry. By fostering a spirit of cooperation among seemingly competing businesses, Ilulissat’s business administration hosted an illuminating course, titled “Cooperation as Competitors.” This Nordplus project, known as Co-In-Co, has not only […]

Preparing for Training in Iceland

Co-in-Co partners are going to Iceland on June 13-15 for the first transnational meeting. Step by Step Iceland will host the meeting where the partners will be trained as trainers in “Entrepreneurship in Cluster Networks“. This module is being developed by the Icelandic, Norwegian, and Estonian partners as they possess the most experienced in the […]

Fostering Change Across Borders: Nordic Partners Unite for Micro-Business Empowerment

The winds of change are sweeping across the Nordic region as Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania join forces in a visionary project, NPAD-2021/10064, aptly named “Cooperation in Competition.” With a diverse mix of NGOs, universities, VET providers, municipalities, and small businesses at its helm, this partnership is poised to empower micro-businesses in […]

Empowering Micro-Businesses: Nordic Partners Join Forces for Post-COVID Resilience

In the wake of the global pandemic, resilience has become a buzzword, a quality desperately sought after by businesses worldwide. In the heart of the Nordic region, a remarkable partnership emerged in early 2021, united by a common mission to support micro-businesses on their journey to recovery and resilience after the tumultuous impact of COVID-19. […]